Haircuts amazing Vs Ordinary Haircuts

The secret lies within the experience of the hair designer, talent, and time spent. Of these variables, one separates the $ 10 haircut from the $ 300 haircut. You Might Be thinking it is the experience and talent of the hair designer. This does matter, but in my opinion, the determining factor is the time spent.

It makes sense That That a salon caters to the majority of population's income level, would the make more money charging a low price and depend on high volumes of traffic. This means the hair designer must work fast, and get as many customers in and out as Quickly possible. The hair designer has been Trained to cut a specific way That maximizes the cutting time, and minimizes the time spent.

I have worked in Such a place when I first started in the industry. I was taught to use the same cutting techniques on every customer, without consideration given to the individualistic characteristics of each person's hair. I have never seen any two people with the exact hair texture, wave pattern, the amount of hair, etc. A person's hair is like Their fingerprints, and unique from anyone else's. Therefore, using the same cutting techniques on everyone does not and can not result in an awesome haircut.

After about a year of working in the salon franchise quickie haircut, I Knew the customers were less than thrilled with the haircuts. Therefore, Despite the goals set by the salon, I Decided to slow down and pay attention to each customer's uniqueness. The difference was dramatic. That I found by combing the hair and checking how the hair was responding to each snip I made, I Could take the ordinary haircut into an awesome haircut.

Cutting this way took longer of course, but the result was well worth the effort. I learned That even microscopic snips in the right places is the key to awesome haircuts. It was not a matter of sticking to a particular cutting method; it was a matter of taking my time. I Became a hair artist, and the customers loved it. Eventually this led me to work in a more exclusive hair salon, where I Could take my time and charge more money. I was surprised to find That a good majority of my customers were willing to pay three to four times what They were paying in order to have her hair cut in the Their new salon.

The best hair designers Their take time. They do not rush, look at the clock, walk away from Their customer in the middle of a haircut to answer a phone, skip the pre-haircut consultation, or let Their customer leave with wet hair. All of These Things add up to a $ 10 haircut. If you have been accustomed to this kind of treatment, you probably have never had an awesome haircut. You do not have to spend $ 300 to get an awesome haircut, but you have to find someone willing to take Who is on his or her time cutting hair, or cut hair yourself.

I want to Encourage you, to learn how to cut your family and friends hair at home. As you can see from my experience, once you have the basic knowledge of haircutting (as my videos will teach you) you have what it takes to create awesome haircuts. Apply the cutting techniques with taking your time, and you and your family will never have to go back to getting ordinary haircuts again.

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Short and Trendy Haircuts for Kids

It can be difficult to manage long tresses of their child for working mothers. Tangled, curly, fleas, dry hair etc. is difficult to manage considering that you are a young active life. Most parents resort to the convenience of short hair cuts for kids. But in recent times, the challenges have come up with a haircut and style that is easily managed at the same time in the norms of the school dress code. (Note: Most schools have clear instructions on how to wear your hair). So parents, do not stress yourself, just read along to see what a good choice you have for your little prince / princess.

Haircuts for Girls: Girls have more variation than boys when it comes to haircuts let's look at some of them

1. Pixie cut: short hair style that can be done by using a razor blade to give a sharp display. Based on your preferences, you can add a layer to get the volume and bounce.

2. Classical Bob: This style never goes out of fashion; this haircut looks amazing on straight hair. You can choose to bob that curls inward / outward around the chin

3. Blunt cut: This hairstyle is generally the length of the shoulder, but you can opt for a short blunt cut where the cut ends just below the ear. Blunt cut is a simple hair cut can be styled by adding edges. Looks nice with the front edge of the blunt cut.

4. Hair pieces Crown: Crown is the bob hair cut short, creating a layer on top add volume and mentally without using chemicals or a blow dry. This haircut is the best on dry hair.

5. Mushrooms cut: This haircut can be used in young men and women. This haircut is a short plant with two layers at the crown.

6. Step cut / slice layer: This is a shoulder-length haircut that creates multiple layers from crown to tips. The blow-dried coating to the outside to form a beautiful curls. This haircut is suitable for children with less dense hair.

Haircuts for Boys:

A. Crew cut / cut the army: This is the best piece to beat the summer heat. Very short crew cut where the hair length of less than one inch. Well, if your child loves WWE, coax him into a haircut that cites the example of john cena.

2. Cut the mushrooms: As mentioned earlier, this haircut is a short plant with two layers at the crown. It can be styled to create a design or a wave in the direction of the neck with a trimmer.

3. Spikes: Spike the cut can be made in various versions in which you have to jump in front of the crew cut or nail fungus with the whole piece. Please remember that the nail can be achieved with the use of hair sprays and gels then try to keep the hair short to get the desired effect

You can always innovate with hair styles of your children to make them happy. Just make sure that the haircut that is easy to maintain and your child feel comfortable with his / her eyes. All the best!

How to Get Popular Haircuts of the Celebrities

We all want to look their best, and thus see our favorite celebrities for popular haircut. We scoured through hair magazines to find out about the latest haircuts of the stars wearing. In our mind, this is the trendiest, hottest, and therefore will use their best in front of the camera.

Now, the question is, how do we get haircuts that are popular for ourselves? You may surf to these sites to find pictures of hair styles with our celebrity hairstyle popular they are.

Then, we can print the hair style ideas come out and show them to our hairdressers. Is our hair stylists can do magic and have our hair looks like in the photo?

It really depends. There are other areas that may affect the overall look you are after you have cut your hair. For one thing, cutting the hair can look good on others, but a disaster on you. This is simply because the shape of your face may not fit a particular haircut. For example, if you have a rectangular face shape, you need to avoid long straight hair styles. On the other hand, long and straight hair pieces will complete the round or oval-shaped face.